Ashok S Patwardhan - Ph.D.
35 years in worldwide projects in energy, resource development, and the environment; leadership of FUNEN projects in community services, education, paratransit and housing.

Jefferson M Hilliard - MS
30 years in transportation and infrastructure projects; Leadership role in education, community service initiatives and national level professional organizations.

Vijay V Joshi - MD, PhD
Professor and researcher in medical sciences; leader of international programs in child survival; author of research programs.

Mary Lou Laubscher - MA
35 years in community services for the disadvantaged; Program Leader speaker and mentor.

Mari Gonzalez - BA
Ten years experience in inter-cultural communications and community outreach.

Charles Wilson - MS
Major General USAF (Ret); technology applications, policy and organizational management.

Carlos Paiz Ramirez - MS
15 years in infrastructure programs, environmental management, and energy; Leader of FUNEN projects in Latin America.

Anand Pandit - MD
35 years as a prominent Leader in Pediatrics, Professor, researcher, and contributor to world wide forums in Child health.

Ari Beyene - BA
25 years in international programs and cultural initiatives in Africa and US.

Ron Cohen -
25 years in computer education of children and underprivileged communities.

William Anderson - PhD
30 years as an educator, researcher, and program leader in behavioral health projects among native Americans, at-risk youth, and seniors.

Barney Popkin - PhD
35 years in international environmental management programs, education, and public agency advisory activities.

Tom Krauss - MS
35 years in computer programming , application to commercial and social projects, and professional associations.

Ben Venktash - MSE
25 years in environmental systems design and energy management.

V.N. Rao - MD, MPH
50 years in medical research, public health and healthcare delivery programs.