The Foundation for Understanding and Enhancement (FUNEN) is a non-profit public-benefit corporation established in 1988. The overall goal of the organization is to sponsor and support activities to enhance understanding, knowledge and opportunities among the peoples of the world. FUNEN's Statement of Purpose describes its mission as follows:

  • sponsor and implement projects to improve the economic, social and cultural environment of people;
  • develop opportunities for the young, women and the disadvantaged; increase their skills and broaden their perspectives through field projects and work opportunities;
  • facilitate innovation and transfer of knowledge among social, cultural and scientific organizations; augment and enhance their efforts
  • conduct any other activities consistent with the overall goal of the organization.

Program Areas:
  • Social Investment Policy
  • Community Services
  • Environmental Management
  • Cultural Exchange

  • Numerous Projects
  • Social Investment Research Institute
  • Policy Review Journal and Community Newsletters
  • Research Reports
  • Management Assistance

  • Non Profit: 501 (c)(3) organization founded in 1988
  • Board of Directors - sets policy
  • President and Staff - manage programs
  • Receives support from Government, Businesses, Industry, Foundations and Individuals
  • Emphasizes on collaborative projects in the Unites States and overseas
  • Operates Pro Bono Pro Volunteer Programs
  • Serves as an international Community Foundation